Outer Space Storage Office Hours: July and August 2018

Dear Customer,

Following are the upcoming office hours for Outer Space Storage.  Please note that these hours only indicate the hours the office is manned and do not affect gate access.

Of interest, we have noted various Holidays observed in other provinces and territories.


HolidayDayDateManned Hours Holiday Observed
Canada MondayJuly 2ndNot Manned  National
Orangemen’sMondayJuly 9th8am to 5pmNL
 NunavutMondayJuly 9th8am to 5pmNT
RegattaWednesdayAugust 1st8am to 5pmNL
HeritageMondayAugust 6thNot Manned AB
Civic/ProvincialMondayAugust 6thNot MannedNT, ON, PE, SK
Terry FoxMondayAugust 6thNot MannedMB
New BrunswickMondayAugust 6thNot MannedNB
British ColumbiaMondayAugust 6thNot MannedBC
NatalMondayAugust 6thNot MannedNS
Gold Cup ParadeFridayAugust 17th8am to 5pmPE
DiscoveryMondayAugust 20th8am to 5pmYK



The Staff

Self storage Calgary SE solutions for your home and personal belongings.

Pacing yourself

Self storage Calgary SE solutions for your home and personal belongings.

Over the years I have heard some great philosophies. One that frequently comes to mind is “you have to learn how to pace yourself.”


This motto can serve you well during a move. A number of things can and sometimes do go sideways, but by keeping a consistent and continuous pace, all will fall into place. To assist in keeping your move calm, collected and controlled, we offer dollies and hand trucks at no charge. We also have an inventory of basic moving supplies at reasonable prices.


Often recommended, is that you pack your coffee maker and other favorite beverages along with cups and condiments in the last box which will travel next to you.   That way, once the move is complete, you will be able to put your feet up and relax, enjoy the new surroundings with your refreshments. Time to pat your back and reward yourself on a job well-done.


10x15 Self Storage Unit Calgary

Storage Unit Size:  Guess or Science

You’ve decided to store your belongings but how do you know the unit size needed.

We recommend you visit our site to get information on the various storage unit sizes, suggested capacity of each, along with an illustration to help get a visual on how items may be packed into your unit.

Keep in mind that first of all, you will need a unit suitable to accommodate the largest item you have, other items can fill the open spaces.

In case you are worried about not judging the correct size, at our facility, that is no problem, we can easily transfer to a unit that is the perfect size for your needs.

Should you require advice on obtaining the correct unit size, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced staff.   We also recommend the following interactive website which can also provide direction: