10x15 Self Storage Unit Calgary

Storage Unit Size:  Guess or Science

You’ve decided to store your belongings but how do you know the unit size needed. We recommend you visit our site to get information on the various storage unit sizes, suggested capacity of each, along with an illustration to help get a visual on how items may be packed into your unit. Keep in mind […]

Office Hours: March & April 2018

Outer Space Storage Office Hours: March and April 2018   Welcome to Outer Space Storage, Following are the upcoming office hours for Outer Space Storage.  Please note that these hours only indicate the hours the office is manned and do not affect gate access. Of interest, we have noted various Holidays observed in other provinces […]

Auto Battery Storage

We have received inquiries about Battery Storage as we have clients who store their equipment and toys in our facility. One question that we have been asked  –  Is it true that it is not good to store car batteries directly on cement?  Our research found the following articles of interest related to this question.  Excerpts from some articles provide answers and […]