November December 2019 Holiday Hours Self Storage SE Calgary Outer Space

Outer Space Storage Office Hours: November and December 2019

Dear Customer,

Following are the upcoming office hours for Outer Space Storage.  Please note that these hours do not affect your gated access.

Of interest, we have noted which provinces observe various Holidays.

HolidayDayDateManned HoursHoliday Observed
RemembranceMondayNovember 11thNot MannedObservance:  MB, NS, ON
RemembranceMondayNovember 11thNot MannedAll except MB, NS, ON, QC
Christmas EveTuesdayDecember 24thNot Manned
ChristmasWednesdayDecember 25thNot MannedNational
BoxingThursdayDecember 26thNot MannedNB, NL, NT, ON, NU
New Years EveTuesdayDecember 31st9am to 1pm
New YearsWednesdayJanuary 1st, 2019Not MannedNational

We wish you a very Happy Holiday Season!

The Staff

November December 2019 Holiday Hours Self Storage SE Calgary Outer Space

Outer Space Storage Office Hours: July and August 2018

Dear Customer,

Following are the upcoming office hours for Outer Space Storage.  Please note that these hours only indicate the hours the office is manned and do not affect gate access.

Of interest, we have noted various Holidays observed in other provinces and territories.


HolidayDayDateManned Hours Holiday Observed
Canada MondayJuly 2ndNot Manned  National
Orangemen’sMondayJuly 9th8am to 5pmNL
 NunavutMondayJuly 9th8am to 5pmNT
RegattaWednesdayAugust 1st8am to 5pmNL
HeritageMondayAugust 6thNot Manned AB
Civic/ProvincialMondayAugust 6thNot MannedNT, ON, PE, SK
Terry FoxMondayAugust 6thNot MannedMB
New BrunswickMondayAugust 6thNot MannedNB
British ColumbiaMondayAugust 6thNot MannedBC
NatalMondayAugust 6thNot MannedNS
Gold Cup ParadeFridayAugust 17th8am to 5pmPE
DiscoveryMondayAugust 20th8am to 5pmYK



The Staff

Self storage Calgary SE solutions for your home and personal belongings.

Pacing yourself

Self storage Calgary SE solutions for your home and personal belongings.

Over the years I have heard some great philosophies. One that frequently comes to mind is “you have to learn how to pace yourself.”


This motto can serve you well during a move. A number of things can and sometimes do go sideways, but by keeping a consistent and continuous pace, all will fall into place. To assist in keeping your move calm, collected and controlled, we offer dollies and hand trucks at no charge. We also have an inventory of basic moving supplies at reasonable prices.


Often recommended, is that you pack your coffee maker and other favorite beverages along with cups and condiments in the last box which will travel next to you.   That way, once the move is complete, you will be able to put your feet up and relax, enjoy the new surroundings with your refreshments. Time to pat your back and reward yourself on a job well-done.


Self-Storage Price Dynamics

As a customer, the words “price increase” makes us want to jump ship.  They never come at a good time nor are they welcome, however they are inevitable.

From the point of view of management, increases to utilities, taxes and insurance are costs that cannot be controlled and management is then only able to focus on operating their properties in the most cost efficient manner.  We balance the need to keep self-storage facilities appealing and well maintained while providing an affordable, secure, worry-free place to store your valuables. This may involve facility modernization resulting in economic benefits or introducing improved technology leading to a reduced amount of labor intensive tasks.

The decision to increase prices is not an easy one.  Many factors, such as competitor’s rates, market conditions, and the specialized product offered are the chief considerations however attention must also be given to increasing operating costs, service and life cycle expenditures.

Providing a written notice, well in advance, that a fair and reasonable price increase is forthcoming is the approach that facilities employ.

Feedback is the final step in the whole price increase process.  Good or bad, this helps management keep perspective in the reality of the market conditions and measure price tolerance sensitivity.

We want to hear from you!

Auto Battery Storage

We have received inquiries about Battery Storage as we have clients who store their equipment and toys in our facility.

One question that we have been asked  –  Is it true that it is not good to store car batteries directly on cement? 

Our research found the following articles of interest related to this question.  Excerpts from some articles provide answers and information on “today’s” batteries.

“This one is an often heard ‘old wives tale’. It used to be that battery cases were made of inferior material such as hard rubber, or even tar. This material would develop micro cracks over time and become porous, and left on wet ground or damp concrete would begin to self discharge. Nowadays, battery cases are made of plastic that do not leak and can be stored on nearly any surface, even left in standing water with no ill effects.”

We also found this tid-bit of information on long term storage of car batteries:…om

“Perhaps you’ve heard that you can simply run your car from time to time in order to keep the battery operating properly, but there are problems with this approach. The most obvious is that you may be one location, and your car could be hundreds of miles away. And even if you have a friend or a relative who will go to the place where you store your car, and start it up from time to time, that may not prevent damage to your battery.

The theory behind regular starting is that it keeps the charge up in the battery, and also that it warms up the engine oil and coolant and is beneficial for the engine. The caveat is that for this to work, the vehicle has to be actually driven for a minimum of 20 minutes. A quick start and a bit of idling is going to cause condensation to build up in the engine and drive train, and this can cause corrosion that will lead to serious problems down the road.

The better course of action is to take your car battery out of the vehicle and bring it indoors. Then, hook it up to a battery maintainer. Batteries don’t work well when they’re left discharged, or at a low charge, for long periods of time. There are several battery maintainers on the market that don’t cost much, and they’ll keep your battery in good condition. This is the best method of car battery storage, and the one most recommended by mechanics.

It’s fine to store your car in an unheated facility, but bring your battery inside, and use a maintainer. That way, when you’re ready to drive your car again, you can be assured that you’ll be on the road again with no battery issues.”

We endeavour to assist in providing self-storage solutions.  We also encourage our customers to be informed on the storage of various articles and direct them to research the many articles on the internet to ensure proper storage of their valuables.

Moving & Storage packing supplies for self storage in SE Calgary, Alberta.

Redirecting your mail

Moving & Storage packing supplies for self storage in SE Calgary, Alberta.If you are planning a move and do not wish to have your mail delivery interrupted, you may want to check out the services that Canada Post offers to have your mail forwarded to your new address.

On Canada Post’s website a Mail Forwarding form and information is provided.  Your best bet is to contact your local post office in person for all the details as well as the fees associated with the level of service required.



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